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Logo NovotnyStrojírna Novotný s.r.o. is a machine building company specialized in the manufacture of welding machines, loaders and carriers.


Forwarders are machines designed primarily for thinning while producing a low impact on the forest floor and standing trees.

The loaders have been designed to work in various fields of civil engineering and agriculture. Thanks to their high maneuvering capacity, these loaders are used for demanding work such as land clearing, site preparation, loading and moving of materials, excavation, lifting of loads, e.g. pallets, etc.

Forwarder LVS 511
Forwarder LVS-511

Forwarder LVS 511

Novotný LVS 511 is the smallest machine in the Novotný forwarder range. This machine, with a load capacity of 5 tons, was designed mainly for thinning. It is a compact forwarder of small size with minimal impact on the forest floor. The spacious and secure cab and the comfortable swivel seat provide the perfect environment for the operator.

The forwarder is built with components from leading suppliers. A powerful and fuel-efficient FPT engine, combined with perfect Rexroth hydraulic components, makes the machine efficient in all forestry conditions. The narrow 8-wheel chassis is robust and reliable. The fast and accurate crane is very productive and helps the operator minimize damage to standing trees.

The Bosch Rexroth locking system – flow divider – allows smooth movement under full load, even in the roughest forest terrain.

The LVS 511 Forwarder is easy to service and has low operating and maintenance costs. Thanks to its technical parameters, the LVS 511 is the ideal forwarder for the CTL method in thinning.

We also offer a wide range of optional equipment that makes the forwarder more versatile for different uses.

Novotný LVS 511 highlights:

8-wheel drive – better traction, less impact on the ground.
Bogie axles on front and rear chassis – better in forest terrain.
Minimal electronics
Possibility to use chains and tracks on front and rear axles.

Forwarder LVS 520

The Novotný LVS 520 forestry forwarder is designed primarily for thinning. Low impact on the forest floor and standing trees, operator comfort, low operating costs and high productivity of the machine played an important role in the construction of the LVS 520 forwarder. The massive 8-wheel chassis and 500 mm tires ensure high stability and good traction even on the most difficult forest terrain.

The spacious, safe and air-conditioned cab can be rotated by 180°, which together with the ease of operation of the machine, the electronic color display and the unique view of the working area, offers a high level of comfort and safety. An excellent chassis, a 75 kW Perkins engine, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic components, an Adcis SCAD control system and a Cranab FC 45 Tele crane allow the Novotný LVS 520 forwarder to achieve the best rating in its class.

Forwarder LVS 520
Forwarder LVS 520
Forwarder LVS 720

Forwarder LVS 520

The Novotný LVS 720 forwarder was created at the request of the forestry industry.

Strojírna Novotný s.r.o. cooperated in the development of the LVS 720 forwarder with the Department of Forestry and Wood Engineering of the Mendel University in Brno within the framework of the TIP program financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

The LVS 720 forwarder is a medium-sized forwarder with a loading capacity of 7.5 tons.

BOBEK Skid Steer Loader

The “BOBEK” skid steer loaders have been designed to work in various fields of civil engineering and agriculture. Thanks to their high maneuverability, these loaders are used for demanding tasks such as ground clearing, site preparation, loading and moving materials, excavation, lifting loads, e.g. pallets, etc.

Thanks to a simple quick-release system, various attachments can be connected and disconnected quickly and easily, which greatly expands the application possibilities of these loaders. By using the wide range of attachment devices available, these machines become truly versatile. They can be used for excavations, soil removal, land clearing, asphalt and concrete deterioration, lifting of pallets, straw bales or hay.

Control is a unique advantage of all “BOBEK” loader types. All movements of the loader, including the control of the boom and bucket (and possibly another attachment), are performed with joysticks. The control is very easy, it does not require enormous power, which helps to avoid operator fatigue for this activity.

The original design is another characteristic of “BOBEK” loaders. They are characterized by the rounded shapes of all the basic parts of the machine, the use of plastic covers for the cabin hood and the engine compartment.

The drive of our loaders has been derived from the Cummins engine by means of a hydraulic system, pumps, hydraulic motors, a control valve and actuators supplied entirely by Bosch Rexroth, a renowned company in this field.

Bobek Skid Steer Loader
Bobek Skid Steer Loader