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Logbullet – All-terrain vehicle

Logbullet is ideal for hauling chablis as well as transporting firewood to the side of the road. Logbullet can also be used to transport the plants to be planted towards the woods, the fertilizers to the spaces to be fertilized and the brushcutter to the young forest to be managed. Logbullet is a small log tractor for forest owners, municipal park managers and forest service providers.

Logbullet is an easily usable and technically easy machine for use in the woods. It does not contain precision electronics and other details that could be damaged in the woods.

Logbullet is an all-terrain vehicle 1.5 meters wide and 5 meters long. Logbullet is light enough to be transported using a trailer attached to a pickup truck. To transport Logbullet, you don’t need an expensive trailer or truck.

Logbullet is intended for transporting stationery and firewood, but the crane can also lift logs. To transport longer logs, it is possible to extend the towed part of the vehicle using an extension which is available among the additional equipment.

The Logbullet cabin and cart can be rotated freely and independently. Free swinging is important for safety reasons. If the truck tips over, it does not overturn the cab. During loading, the carriage remains in a fixed position thanks to the supports which are on the sides.

Logbullet is compact enough to pass between trees in the woods. For example, it does not require special roads for skidding the windfall or for forest fertilization. It seems absurd to cut down the remaining trees after the logging of the windfall to clear the way.

Logbullet’s ground clearance is 40 cm. Ground clearance is not only a very limited area in the central part of the vehicle, but as wide an area as possible to facilitate movement between stones and stumps.

Logbullet Véhicule Tout-terrain